Aerial disciplines of choices, provide in english and french.























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Choose your level :

Classes for beginner : Intended for  a public wiling to discover a practise in amateur.

Intermediate classes : For peaople who has already practise these aerial technique and want to improve.

Advenced classes : for people with a regular practise. The internship welcomes professionals, this classes can be of hight levels. This is indeed a classe based on technical work and an acquiring figures.

Workshops : Toward every person of a level intermidiate to advances willing to work on research and creativity on apparatus. It will not be a place in learning techniques. It’s essential fo students choosing this workshop to have sufficient technical baggage and vocabulary to propose during the improvisations.

Choose your classes:

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aerial fabric- Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aériennerotating-hoop-Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aériennerope-Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aérienneacrobatic-dance-Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aériennetrapèze-Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aériennecocon-Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aériennedance-Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aérienneaerial-yoga-Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aérienne workshop for disabled participants-Les-Rencontres-de-Danse-Aérienne

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