Aerial Fabric

Movement on fabric lab with Iser Torijano

This workshop will aim to explore different qualities of movement and work with the aerial technique.It will start with a floor warm up  in which we will focus to dissociate each joint of the body, we will play with differentexercises of improvisation and We will try to break the technique ofwhat we know to create space for new movements and to surprise ourselves with all the possibilities that our body gives us.Thenwe will go to the fabrics and define what  our locks are, play with the sense of weight and balance and take the work we did on the floor to the air.Thisworkshop is aimed at people who feel comfortable staying for severalminutes in the air and exploring new positions.

Aerial fabric with Sophie Locquet

In this class, we will work on the technical basics, as climbs and descents, hip and feet keys, posture, vocabulary acquisition, and trusting the apparatus; as well as some sequences and figures to begin exploring the aerial world!

Aerial fabric with Ana Prada

The focus is on the quality of the movement in the air, on the research of fluidity, by using basic figures, and try to give equal predominance to transitions, preparations and technique. We’re going to play around the idea of working in the air in a horizontal position, rotating 360 degrees, using body spirals, breathing, working on the center of the body, and looking for dance, our dance in the air !

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