The Rope with Gabriel Trumellas

“The Aerial Movement” This how Gabriel defines his sessions, devided into sequences … The first revolves around timing, coordination,dynamic training on the rope … the second, approaches mostly static and vertical positions, using straps and educational for the planks and lastly figure training, forward and backward somersaults, pirouetting, board rolling.

The Rope with Emiliano Ron

The Rope material of Emiliano Ron is focused on dynamic movement, such as beats, tempos and releases ; and power movement requiring coordinated core strength. Many of the movements are unique and Emiliano is a leading contributor to the art of Corde Lisse. During the course, Emiliano will provide ample demonstration physically in addition to verbal instruction and correction.

Advanced Rope with Terry Crane

In this workshop, students will practice moving dynamically with a sense of ease and effortless-ness on the vertical rope. We’ll practice a progression of beats and exercises to generate momentum, and then explore using this momentum to maximum effect, either in flashy power moves or to wrap the rope hands-free. Time allowing, other topics may include: fake release moves, building large drops, using body shape to balance on the rope, and some sequences of movement to take home.

Rope partnering with Terry Crane

Two people on a single rope demands some creativity and practice to move gracefully through the air. This workshop will give experienced aerialists some basic building blocks for rope partnering, such as 5 positions you can base from, ways of climbing and dropping together, as well as some practice working and communicating as a duo. No partner required for this workshop.

Loop Master with Terry Crane

The aerial loop threaded through 2 pulleys has many different configurations, each with their own possibilities for interaction. The apparatus is by nature a partnered form, as there is no inherently fixed point, and everything that occurs on one side must be counterbalanced on the opposite side. With a small group of aerialists, we will explore several modes of operation for this apparatus. Time permitting, we’ll research new concepts with this apparatus. With the ensemble of artists who will undertake this workshop together, we will build a short presentation of the skills explored in this workshop. Applicants should have a background in vertical aerial (tissue or rope), a year minimum. Other skillsets such as aerial partnering, partner acrobatics, or tumbling may be useful as as well.

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