Round table


Place: Saint-Nazaire, Gymnasium Fogel
Time: 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Aerial : at the crossroads of circus and dance – new aestheticisms, new dimensions


> Link between body and space – distinction between dancer and acrobat
> Choreographic dimension of circus : in its connections to the ground, in its connections to aerial
> Links with dance, below the acrobatic dimension : « métis » gesture , vertical transposition, the relationship between balance and imbalance.
> Aestheticisms shares
> Productions mixing

Overview of the situation :
The issue of training :
Circus acrobat who trains to dance

Dancer who trains to circus verticals
Testimonies of artists coming from circus and dance : Vanessa Leprince, Fred Deb’ , Ana Prada, Mel Stevens, other participants are still ongoing

The issue of teaching :
Which teaching skills ?

Knowledge transfer from artist to amateur
Knowledge transfer from artist to artist
Benesch Notation : Kati Wolf
Other teaching ways : videos, « mentors », typical approach « to dance aerial »…
Testimonies : Ron Emiliano, Haimée Hancock, Kati Wolf, Alain Taillard

The relationship with the spectator :
To renew with the spectator’s watchful eyes, notion of «  to look at somebody being »
To renew with our habits of aethetic perception

To revisit our imaginations, our knowledges
Testimonies : Ron Emiliano, Wanda Moretti, Alain Taillard, other participants are still ongoing

This issue of creation :
Are these practices and these techniques taken into account in the choreographic creation ?

What is the dialogue with the world of the circus creation ?
Testimonies : Fred Deb’, Wanda Moretti , other participants are still ongoing

How institutions and broadcasters identify aerial art :
Aestheticisms share, new reference points

Stage or public space ?
What format(s) of shows ?
How the broadcast teams do approach / do take into account aerial ?

 >> At the conclusion of this round table, professionals present during the week of the master classes, will perform to present their creations.

agathe dumont


Agathe Dumont, chercheuse


Pamela Chavez, chercheuse




Kati Wolf, choréologue pour le service de recherche du Cnac, spécialiste de la notation Benesh


jean baptiste andré

Jean-Baptiste André, Cie W




Fred Deb, choréraphe Cie Drapés aériens





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