FRED DEB’aerial fabric & rotating hoop

From the beginning of her career, Fred has developed a unique technique for creating aerial choreography by making aerial work which encompasses contemporary dance, music and theatre. Her long-standing international reputation for excellence as an aerial fabric teacher has brought her teaching contracts at the Aerial Art Dance Academy in Tokyo and the Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder, Colorado.
She has most recently guided Costa Rican, Irish and English aerialists in developing their own new work in her role as an artistic coach and choreographer. She teaches regularly at ACaPA, Holland’s national circus school. Internationally renowned as a forerunner in contemporary circus, Fred works locally in France creating work with her own company, Drapés Aériens, and has invested profoundly in the cultural and artistic development of her region. In July 2009, she organized the first Aerial Dance Encounters in La Baule, and produced Aerial Fabric: Volume 1, a bilingual pedagogical DVD on the technique of learning and teaching aerial fabric. Aerial Fabric: Volume 2 was released in 2011. The Encounters have become a regular summer event, growing every year, and have developed a partnership with the EADF.www.drapes-aeriens.com

ANA PRADAaerial fabric & aerial yoga

Ana Prada was born and raised in Colombia. She’s an aerial dancer and yoga practitioner since 1998. She studied ballet and contemporary dance in New York City, where she started to explore aerial apparatuses like dance trapeze and rope. She then moved to Montreal where she specialized in aerial silks and hoop.
Ana has worked with companies like
Cirque du Soleil, “El despertar de la Serpiente” for the Expo 2008 in Spain, The show “Ulalena” (Maui, Hawaii) as an acrobat, dancer and aerial coach, “La Esquina Desplaza” with Triknia contemporary dance company in Colombia and many other shows and projects. Co-founder of the “Samadhi Aerial Dance company” in Hawaii, where she teaches workshops regularly and where the Vayu Aerial Yoga was developed. As a yoga, GYROKINESIS and GYROTONIC instructor, she travels and teaches far and wide, combining her seasoned experience, with all her wonderful tools including aerial work, conditioning skills, and injury prevention. She has shared her talents at many different studios in Montreal, and also at several international workshops and festivals in places such as Hawaii, Boulder, Miami, Brasil, Glasgow, Athens, France, Costa Rica, British Virgin Islands and Colombia. In her work, she is always interested in finding a deeper balance and a real organic connection, “aerial roots”, to be grounded wherever she goes.www.ana-prada.com www.vayuaerialyoga.com

MELUSINE LAVINET –  Fixed trapeze

Mélusine gratuated from the ACaPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art) of Tilburg, in the Netherlands, in July 2014. It is in this school where she met Fred Deb’, who has been a guest teacher there for many years. Mélusine found and developped her own poetic, absurd and plastic style on trapeze. Her main specialty is the fixed trapeze but she also enjoys dancing and balancing on her head, on the ground, on a trapeze or even on someone else’s head ! She perfoms her number in German cabarets. She teaches dynamic fixed trapeze at the Aerial Dance Encounters.

VANESSA LEPRINCE Dance & harness dance

Vanessa Leprince gratuated at The Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse of Paris in contemporary dance in 1998. She worked as an interpreter with many choreographers (Paul Les Oiseaux- Valérie Rivière, NGC 25- Hervé Maigret, l’Esquisse- Régis Obadia, CCN de Roubaix- Olivier Dubois…). During her career as interpreter, she co-founded the association of Le Labo with Nadine Husson in Saint-Nazaire in 2004. Until 2013, Le Labo developed many projects around choreographic creation and distribution. Recently,  filled with all these experiences, she intervenes as an external eye for Fred Deb’ from the Company Drapés Aériens and she created a choegraphed reading around the literary work « Eldorado » of Laurent Gaudé with the association Astrolabe 44. Today, she keeps on working as an interpreter in companies and she is having more and more contacts for her career evolution and to open up to new experiences.


Sophie is a multidisciplinary artist. She has always been eager to explore various forms of expression with her body and her whole being and she refuses to being restrained in a unique model. Trained in classical dance in the Conservatoire of Tours until 1993, she then studied singing and tap-dancing in Paris. She stayed in the French capital  where she had a classic dancer career with the Ballet Classique and the Renouveau Lyrique of Paris. Her artistic talents of music hall and as tap dancer allowed her to travel all around the world and to broaden her view on various aesthetics. When she moved to Nantes, she met Fred Deb’  who has trained her in aerial dance since 2011. It opened up a new horizon to her, as a new challenge, she explores verticality http://www.flyingsophie.com/

MEL STEVENSDisabled people workshop

 Mel Stevens knew from the age of 3 that she was going to be a dancer. From aged 12 she was winning competitions in both dance and gymnastics, and by aged 14 she secured her first job as a radio station leaflet girl, – Fly Girl. Aged 18 Mel was working professionally as a dancer, opening up major department stores, TV commercials, Breakfast TV, music videos as well as touring worldwide. Then in 2003, she shockingly broke her back, whilst giving birth to her 3rd child. Her whole life turned upside down.  She had to relearn practically everything – from the waist down, raising her children, whist fighting to keep her sanity. She struggled with depression, weight gain, lack of direction in her life, the loss of her vitality, the loss of who she was.  For a long time, it felt as if she’d take 1 step forward and 2 back. Everything emotionally and environmentally affected her fragile health. Summer 2012 Mel volunteered for a project that would change her life. Both the Paralympic committee, and Graeae supported the project. Here is where she first performed with Graeae in an aerial show called Prometheus Awakes for the Greenwich and Docklands Festival June 2012. This was the world premier of mass flying disabled artists. Then there was the magic of the Paralympic aerial legacy intensive 2013, which wasn’t only an opportunity to fly, but also an opportunity to personalise their experiences and play and experiment on every piece of equipment. Her dream now is to create a facility that may help others who are in crisis today as she was yesterday. It is her dream to perform and feed her spirit, and in return, use the profits of such ventures with a team of volunteer instructors/performers and donate free or low cost circus activities, support and training to find the joys and abilities amongst the depressions and disabilities. During the Encounters, she offers a specific workshop exclusively for disabled people. aimtoflyuk


Emiliano Ron has devoted many years to various aerial techniques, choosing to specialise on rope. With an academic background in Cinematography Arts (Editor and Director of Photography) and spending his adolescence mixing his passion for martial arts, punk rock, books and skateboarding, he decided to leave everything and become a circus artist. Learning with great teachers and training along side other he has become a living legend on the rope. Currently he divides his profession as an artist and teacher; creating new movements and developing a particular eccentric and unique style. A freak on the rope. Raw, wild, brutal and different. www.facebook.com/Emilanoron


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