Aerial Fabric Masterclass
July 15th to 19th

Be careful: We remind you that this year the classes will be held in two different gymnasiums see gymnasium plan

  • Gymnasium at Heinlex: Fixe trapeze / Hoop / Cocoon / Aerial Yoga / Pole Dance / Aerial Fabrics / Multi Apparatus / Straps / Clowdswing
  • Gymnasium at La Bouletterie: Rope / Aerial Dance Harness / Dance Trapeze

This master class is for intermediate and advanced students who want to be focus for a week on fabrics. (35h of formation + a public presentation at the end of the week)

Teached by international recognized teachers : Ariadna Vendelova /Laura Stokes/Brandy Leary

A public presentation will take place in a park at the end of the master class, Friday at 6pm, we encouraged the students to participated to this experience as a strong part of the knowledge.

9:00am -12:00 Aerial Fabric Technique Ariadna Vendelova

Breathing body is a living body. Body, breath and movement are always happening in the present moment. This technical class will focus on finding fluidity and clarity of movement on fabric through activating and enlivening the full body, from skin, through joints, to every cell.  We will learn to be present in mo(ve)ment and to “own it“ as performers.

In the class, we will focus not only on WHAT we do on fabric (silks), but on HOW we do it and WHY we do it.  Working on various sequences, we will think about aerial dance on fabric in terms of “movement“, not in terms of “poses“. This brings a sense of connection and action into the experience, instead of the sense of isolation and steadiness. However, we will also search for “movement in stillness”, discovering the subtle, intrinsic waves of movement within us, the so called “little dance”, observable only with a calm mind and perceptive, sentient body.

The class will also offer technical exercises and sequences which will bring attention to breathing principles and the connection between breath-and-movement. How to move efficiently with breath; how to go with it, not against it. How to embody the pulsation happening in the breathing body and transfer it into movement on aerial fabric.

Understanding of this will prepare the body and mind for higher quality work further in our choreographies on any apparatus. It will transform us into radiating performers capable of brining self-expression to every single mo(ve)ment.

In the end, it all comes back down to the basic idea: Moving body is my presence.

01:45-03:45 pm – Exploration and deepening of new dynamic techniquesHanne Coeckelberghs

The classes are to get a start in dynamic movements in the silks. we will learn how to use energy, use the bounce of the silks and learn a lot of releasing and catching stuff. We will also learn some elements inspired by straps and rope. we will give silks a complete new approach.

04:00-06:00 pm – Research – Brandy Leary

Complex Minimalism, Altered Time and Impossible Tasks

This class focuses on conceptual and embodied explorations of the aerial body.   Examining notions of duration, presence and improvisation this week-long lab offers artists an opportunity to dive deeper into their creative processes, to move away from habit and to refresh their artistic practice from the perspective of creation and meaning making in aerial work.  Offering a deep space of experimentation and working from a multidisciplinary approach to the performing body we will spend the week in the air, on the ground and in various site-specific locations around Saint Nazaire.
Note: this class is not about accumulating new vocabulary but celebrates evolving and deepening creation/performance skills to further broaden aesthetics and experimentation in the field.  It asks artists to bring physical skill and individual virtuosity evenly matched with personal rawness and vulnerability.  It ends in a public sharing outside from the trees in the park.