Aerial Fabric Masterclass
Monday 19th to Friday 23rd July

This fabric masterclass will be taught in English and French by internationally renowned teachers: Hanne Coeckelberghs and Ariadna Vendelova.


Program :
From Monday 19th to Friday 23rd July included, a 30 hours pedagogic training of the discipline, from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm, which meane 6 hours per day of intensive practice.
An end of masterclass prsentation is planned on Friday 23rd at 6pm at La Volière, the participation of the students is strongly recommanded as the public presentation is an inclusive part of the training.

9am – 12pm:  Exploration and deepening of new dynamic techniques – Hanne Coeckelberghs
The class will be built around how to get dynamic movements in aerial silks. We will learn how to use the silk energy and bounce, how to release movements and how to catch up with the dynamics. We will also work some elements inspired by straps and rope which will give you a complete new approach of aerial silks.

Lunch break


2pm – 5pm: « Experience the body breathing » – Ariadna Vendelova
Breathing body is a living body. Body, breath and movement are always happening in the present moment. This technical class will focus on finding fluidity and clarity of movement on fabric through activating and enlivening the full body, from skin, through joints, to every cell.  We will learn to be present in mo(ve)ment and to “own it“ as performers.
In the class, we will focus not only on WHAT we do on fabric (silks), but on HOW we do it and WHY we do it.  Working on various sequences, we will think about aerial dance on fabric in terms of “movement“, not in terms of “poses“. This brings a sense of connection and action into the experience, instead of the sense of isolation and steadiness. However, we will also search for “movement in stillness”, discovering the subtle, intrinsic waves of movement within us, the so called “little dance”, observable only with a calm mind and perceptive, sentient body.
The class will also offer technical exercises and sequences which will bring attention to breathing principles and the connection between breath-and-movement. How to move efficiently with breath; how to go with it, not against it. How to embody the pulsation happening in the breathing body and transfer it into movement on aerial fabric.
Understanding of this will prepare the body and mind for higher quality work further in our choreographies on any apparatus. It will transform us into radiating performers capable of bringing self-expression to every single mo(ve)ment.
In the end, it all comes back down to the basic idea: Moving body is my presence.

Throughout the afternoon workshops we will reflect on the creation of a choreography that will be presented to the public on Friday at 6pm.

For who?
This master class is for intermediate and advanced students who want to focus for a week on fabrics. 

Price :

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