Aerial Fabric – Ariadna Vendelova

(classes in English)

This class will be focused on finding a continuous movement on silks, by working “ways” in and out of moves and tricks, from one into the other. We will work on sequencing, trying to blend otherwise separate pieces into one fluid movement flow on aerial silks. Also, we will try to find new transitions and variations in and out of routine moves, so that we refresh our movement material and avoid stereotypes. We will think about aerial dance on silks in terms of „movement“, not in terms of „poses“. This brings a sense of connection and action into the experience, instead of the sense of isolation and steadiness. The focus will be also put on movement quality and precise technique, as well as on choreographic dynamics and expression.

The class will also focus on the question – How we move?  Often times, the main focus is on What we do on any aerial apparatus. But let´s ask Why?. And let´s ask How? Working efficiently and in connection with our breath, avoiding unnecessary moves when passing through transitions on aerial silks, and by connecting to our neverending internal flow, we will find organic, natural quality of our movement.

Pre-requisites for intermediate level on aerial silks:
Good knowledge of basic silks vocabulary, ability to climb up and perform a foot lock, inversion (straddle-up) , hip-key…

Prerequisities for advanced level on aerial silks:
Very good knowledge of basic silks vocabulary, easily straddle-up in the air, at least two inversion climbs, single ankle hang, basic drops, hip-key on both sides, being able to “stay up in the air” and work on silks for 5 continuous minutes.

Aerial Fabric – Laura Stokes

(classes in English)

Exploring the Boundless within the Bound. We will focus on precision and technique as the way to create more ease, grace and space for personal expression. Through the use of spinal propulsion, momentum and economic movement, students will learn how to work with gravity rather than against it, and to approach technical specificity as a gateway to expressive freedom, all the while being attentive to their own artistic voice. We will learn exciting new vocabulary, not as an end in & of itself, but as a launching point into innovating one’s own material. Each position can be the beginning of a puzzle that has innumerable outcomes when support principles are properly understood. Learn the key elements necessary to create your own drops, expand transitions into compelling choreography, cultivate calm stamina and transform your overall approach to aerial fabric into a spacious playground of self expression.


Aerial fabric can be a potent medium for impactful performance when attention andintelligence is applied to “presencing”. Truly seamless choreography is motivated by sustained expressive intent, rather than “smoothing transitions”…….Learn concretetools for developing aerial work that simultaneously holds deep personal meaning &universal appeal. Develop a felt dramatic sense, define your critical eye, and distillyour expressive vision through concrete concepts, improvisations, viewing andfeedback. Please bring material you are prepared to work with, whether it’s afinished act or simply a few comfortable skills.


Flexibility heightens the aesthetic of performance, increases movement options, and greatly supports injury prevention. Drawing on information from classical yoga, contemporary therapeutic practices and traditional contortion training this class offers a holistic and internally centered approach to increasing flexibility while simultaneously strengthening the joints. Ideal for aerialists and movement artists of all levels.

Aerial Fabric – Research – Fred Deb’

This class is for student who want to go deeper to their own practice. Along is career, Fred develop her own way of pushing students to the experimentation, to create unique style and creativy process, with a lot of exercices eyes closed, and partnering experiences, Fred try to push each student in his own sensibility, using the quality of each body to extract the essence, the aestethic and the emotion of each unique person !

Aerial Fabric – Annika Frodi-Lundgren

Enticed by the elegance of aerial silks? In this class you will learn the fundamentals of aerial silks; including climbs, positions, movements. We will work with body positioning and awareness and strengthening drills. This class is for anyone who would like to start/try/develop the basics of aerial work, with a guarantee of having fun and getting stronger!