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4 teachers will teach aerial fabrics this year. Sophie Locquet (France), Iserr Torijano (Costa Rica), Ariadna Vendelova (Slovakia) and Fred Deb ‘(France).  

Aerial fabrics beginners and beginners/inter with Sophie Locquet, Iser Torijano

These courses are to learn the basics of the aerial fabric, such as different climbs and descents, hip keys and foot lock, drops and slides… Sophie and Iserr have a choreographic approach to the movement. They will be able to adapt the course to all students and to each level. The beginner course does not require any prerequisites, whereas it is expected in beginner / inter courses to have already practiced the apparatus while wishing to review the basics and improve.

Intermediate aerial fabrics with Iser Torijano, Ariadna Vendelova, Fred Deb’

The intermediate course is for people who have a more or less regular amateur practice of fabrics. The teachers will be eager to enrich the technical vocabulary of their students, and to teach them new sequences.

Inter and Advanced Aerial Fabrics with Sophie Locquet, Ariadna Vendelova, Fred Deb ‘

These courses offer a demanding technical development work. They are aimed at people with a regular practice, able to go to professionals wishing to perfect and enrich their knowledge. The teachers wish to allow students to become aware of the effort made by the muscles during their technique, the drawing of their body in space, their spine in movement, extensions. Courses for advanced students wishing to perfect their technique and find new paths of exploration.

Research lab with Fred Deb’

This workshop proposes to deepen a research work of quality of movements on the apparatus. Fred approaches the movement by breathing, reflection on the gesture, awareness of the spine, exercises with closed eyes, exercises of sensations, exploration of the body. In the form of improvisation. This workshop will open new creative perspectives, advanced explorations of the gesture.

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