Aerial Fabric – Ariadna Vendelova

(classes in English)

This class will be focused on finding a continuous movement on silks, by working “ways” in and out of moves and tricks, from one into the other. We will work on sequencing, trying to blend otherwise separate pieces into one fluid movement flow on aerial silks. Also, we will try to find new transitions and variations in and out of routine moves, so that we refresh our movement material and avoid stereotypes. We will think about aerial dance on silks in terms of „movement“, not in terms of „poses“. This brings a sense of connection and action into the experience, instead of the sense of isolation and steadiness. The focus will be also put on movement quality and precise technique, as well as on choreographic dynamics and expression.

The class will also focus on the question – How we move?  Often times, the main focus is on What we do on any aerial apparatus. But let´s ask Why?. And let´s ask How? Working efficiently and in connection with our breath, avoiding unnecessary moves when passing through transitions on aerial silks, and by connecting to our neverending internal flow, we will find organic, natural quality of our movement.

Pre-requisites for intermediate level on aerial silks:
Good knowledge of basic silks vocabulary, ability to climb up and perform a foot lock, inversion (straddle-up) , hip-key…

Aerial Fabric – Hanne Coeckelberghs

(classes in English)

Begginer / Intermediate
The classes are to get a start in dynamic movements in the silks. we will learn how to use energy, use the bounce of the silks and learn a lot of releasing and catching stuff. We will also learn some elements inspired by straps and rope. we will give silks a complete new approach.

Intermediate / Advanced

Aerial fabric can be a potent medium for impactful performance when attention and intelligence is applied to « presencing ». Truly seamless choreography is motivated by sustained expressive intent, rather than « smoothing transitions »…….Learn concretetools for developing aerial work that simultaneously holds deep personal meaning &universal appeal. Develop a felt dramatic sense, define your critical eye, and distillyour expressive vision through concrete concepts, improvisations, viewing andfeedback. Please bring material you are prepared to work with, whether it’s afinished act or simply a few comfortable skills.

Aerial Fabric – Sophie Locquet

In her classes, Sophie will focus on technical precision, understanding the movement to a point of ease that will allow artistic interpretation and play.
Particular attention will be paid to breathing, touch and the relationship to the fabric.