Hanne Coeckelberghs

Hanne discovered the circus at 10 years old. She started with multidisciplinary circus techniques such as unicycle, juggling, acrobatics and much more at the circus school « Salto » in Belgium. Then she discovers the aerial silks, and decides to become professional.
In 2015, she was accepted at the ACaPA Academy for Circus and Performance Art, a professional circus school located in the Netherlands. She works tirelessly for many years to realize this dream.
Her main circus discipline and her greatest passion are aerial fabrics, which she tries to bring to a different level. Hanne really likes to explore what is possible in the fabrics and has developed her own style. Hanne is particularly interested in dynamic movements. She also practices handstands and aerial straps.

Web site : https://hannecoeckelberghs.com/

Social networks : facebook / instagram