Ariadna Vendelova

Ariadna lives in Košice, Slovakia. She is an aerial dancer, choreographer, performer, poetess and yoga teacher. She creates and performs at events and productions locally and internationally together with her aerial dance companies LALYRA and ARIADNINA NIŤ, cooperating with aerialists, dancers, musicians, photographers, as well as being involved in a variety of community-based activities.

Ariadna´s speciality in aerial dance is aerial silks (tissue) and aerial hoop (cerceaux). Her approach to movement is greatly influenced by yoga, dance improvisation and nature. In aerial dance practice she searches for one´s authentic self, exploring natural and organic ways of moving, and, most importantly, bringing dance and personal expression into aerial acrobatics. Her movement technique focuses greatly on breath work and on principles of spirals, expansion and contraction, centering, and moving consciously – with intention and understanding – bringing deep awareness, clarity and fluidity to movement and creative process.

Currently, Ariadna is developing a concept of personal methodology #simplifyaerial, re-envisioning aerial dance as experiential and movement-based rather than showcasing and trick-based. She is a co-director of the unique Cat´s Paw Experimental Aerial Dance Meeting together with Emily Aoibhean (Ireland) which was held in Košice, Slovakia in January 2019, and has several other ongoing creative projects, including new creation with Fred Deb´.

She has taught aerial silks, hoop and yoga at Les Rencontres De Danse Aerienne (Saint-Nazaire, France), Aerial Arts Festival Austria (Vienna, Austria), World Circus Day (Bratislava, Slovakia), and others.. She was a finalist of Cyrkulacje 2018 (Lublin, Poland), U.S. Aerial Championships 2016 (NYC, USA) in 2016, and placed 1st and 3rd at International Aerial Acrobatics Championships in Budapest (Hungary) in 2016 (hoop, fabric).

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