Charlotte de la Bretèque

Charlotte de la Breteque graduated from ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles) in 2008. At school, she developed her work in the “multicordes”, a new aerial discipline she created. Since then, she worked in several places like Circus Monti, Cirque Baroque, Cirque Bouffon and in a lot of German Varieté (GOP, Krystallpalast, Variete Et cetera, Friedrichsbau, Wintergarten…) and won several prices in festivals, such as the first price in the Krystallpalast new comer’s show or the audience price in Wiesbaden. In 2016, with 2 musicians, she creates the Compagnie du Trépied and together they write their first show : « Trois – Partition pour cordes en la Majeur » In her “multicordes”, she develops a special technical vocabulary, mixture of straps, handstands and acrobatics. The ropes create images like no other aerial apparatus, sometimes curtain, waterfall or fire, they wave, roll and curl as if they were alive. Since she graduated from school, she teaches every year at the Academy for Circus and Performance Arts of Tilburg in Holland.