Saturday, July 21st – at Le Garage

Join us at the Garage for a friendly evening, to discover international artists.

Schedule: 6:30pm to 10:00 pm

Price: Paid evening by reservation at or on

10 € adults / 8 € -12 years

Place: Le Garage – 40 rue des Halles – 44600 – Saint-Nazaire






Nadège Le Corre : « Para-doxes  » – cocoon

Iserr Torijano Valle: « Cumulonimbus » – aerial fabric

Ariadna Vendelova: « Break » – hoop

Ray C’art:  « Vide » – rope

Lydia Lara: ” De Triste Tango a Bailar” – trapeze

Annika Frodi-Lundgren: ” Going the distance ” rope

Drapés Aériens Company presents two excerpts from the show “Lisières”

At the crossroads of aerial dance and contemporary circus, Lisières explores the limit, the border, this tenuous line between the two. A refined scenography composed of devices with evocative powers, verticals of different subjects plunge the viewer into a universe both sober and strange. A majestic fur, mellow and cold, a piece of living plastic and shimmering, the artists play with the elements, fully inhabit the space to allow us to apprehend the back of the scenery … Beyond the palpable material, the truth of the piece is also in the void between the elements, the dialogue of the reflections, the silences, the nature of the links between the artists, the verticality, the horizontality, the obliques !!

Performers Sophie Locquet and Fred Deb ‘, musical arrangements by Sébastien Guérive.

2017- Circus-Cabaret

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