Fred Deb’


From the beginning of her career, Fred has developed a unique technique for creating aerial choreography by making aerial work which encompasses contemporary dancemusic and theatre. Her long-standing international reputation for excellence as an aerial fabric teacher has brought her teaching contracts at the Aerial Art Dance Academy in Tokyo and the Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder, Colorado. 

She has most recently guided Costa Rican, Irish and English aerialists in developing their own new work in her role as an 
artistic coach and choreographer. She teaches regularly at ACaPA, Holland’s national circus school. Internationally renowned as a forerunner in contemporary circus, Fred works locally in France creating work with her own company, Drapés Aériens, and has invested profoundly in the cultural and artistic development of her region. In July 2009, she organized the first Aerial Dance Encounters in La Baule, and produced Aerial Fabric: Volume 1, a bilingual pedagogical DVD on the technique of learning and teaching aerial fabric. Aerial Fabric: Volume 2 was released in 2011. The Encounters have become a regular summer event, growing every year, and have developed a partnership with the EADF.

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