Fynn Neb

My name is Fynn.
I am an aerial acrobat, specialized in the technique of rope, graduate from professional circus schools and busy working in the field. Before giving an idea of what all of this means to me, let me tell you about my past.
I was born in 1989 in a small place in Germany close to Hamburg. I visited the Gymnasium to receive my Abitur in 2008.

After finishing school I moved to Berlin as fast as I could, to leave behind this small town and loosen my relationships to family and friends. I wanted to “find myself” in the big city.

It was during my civilian service as a chef and child care worker in Berlin, when I first came in contact with circus.
Back then I used to spend a lot of time hanging out in the parks with my new found friends who happened to juggle. I started seeing circus performances, and the image of the circus artist became an ideal of life for me.
Through my juggling and doing fire shows I soon found out about “Die Etage”, a circus school in Berlin. I applied for auditions to become a juggler in 2010.

In the first year of “Die Etage” I found my love for aerial acrobatics. Through heavy daily training at “Die Etage” I conditioned my body to finally be able to pass auditions for ACaPA in 2012, to further pursue my dream of becoming an aerial acrobat.

I think that the four years of studying at ACaPA did not only help me to master the technique of rope, but also enabled me to take a position within the field of circus. Especially through the subjects object work, performance art and performance analysis, but also through my interest in philosophy, psychology and fine arts, I was finally able to widen my horizon to change my view and thus my approach on circus and aerial acrobatics.

At the end of my studies I was honoured to receive the “jacques de leeuw award” and my Bachelor of Circus and Performance Degree with excellence.

Beginning from 2015 I was part of a production of the dutch dance company “Panama Pictures” as an intern through my studies in ACaPA. We created “Portraits and Short Stories” a piece in which I was performing not only as a circus artist but also as a contemporary dancer. We toured the Netherlands in 2016 and took the show to England, Germany and China in 2017.

Beginning from 2017 I was working with the contemporary circus company “Cirque Pardi!” in the show “Borderland” as a rope artist, singer, dancer, acrobat, short as a comedien du cirque. With this show we extensively toured France, Holland, Switzerland and Germany until the end of 2018

Next to my career as a professional circus artist, I have always been interested in the development of personal technique within my discipline. This is why already in circus school I have been teaching aerial acrobatics to amateurs. Now I find myself spending time teaching at professional circus schools, like “ACaPA”(NL) or “Die Etage e.V.”(GER), but also teaching Aerial intensive courses at institutions like “Gravity” (GBR,ISR), “My Aerial Home” (GBR), “Spinal Chord” (GBR), “Circartive” (GER), “La Fucina del circo” (ITL) or “La Central Del Cirque” (ESP)