Hoop – Intermidiate and AdvancedAriadna Vendelova

(Classes in English)

In this class, students will explore the intricacies and nuances of this beautiful apparatus. We will focus on our body awareness, being conscious of shapes, structures and gestures which our body exhibits in space and in relation to the apparatus. Our work will incorporate spinning sequences, orbiting and swinging, and exploration of tricks and transitions under, through, and above the hoop. Every day at the end of class we will put a sequence together incorporating all skills learned that day and continue to build throughout the week.  We will also learn the essential principles of spinning, including several ways of getting into a good and strong spin as well as how to maintain the spin as we move through our sequences. How to build up choreography in such way that would support and maintain the spin as opposed to slowing it down? How can we move alongside the spinning motion and use the spiral momentum?  How do I achieve fluid and gracious movement? How do I breathe?

Pre-requisites for intermediate level:
good knowledge of basic hoop vocabulary, straddle-up easily (inversion), back balance, comfortable with slow spinning

Pre-requisites for advanced levels:
very good knowledge of basic hoop vocabulary, comfortable with spinning, meat hooks, straight arm inversions, back balance and all three splits.

Hoop – Chiara Zubiani

(classes in English)

Cerceau beg / inter

This class if for students who are just starting aerial hoop or who have an intermediate level. We’ll work on improving the already known tricks and movements as well learning new ones in order for the participants to be able to progress at the next level.

Cerceau inter / advanced

This class is for people who are more advanced on aerial hoop. The class will be shaped in base of the participants’ needs: we could work on spinnings or on improving already existing routines and tricks. We’ll work on dynamics on the equipment and on finding nice ways of transitioning from one move to another, from one direction in the space to the other.