FROM MONDAY 16th to FRIDAY 27th JULY 2018

Coming to the aerial dance festival it’s participating to a intense course of training and discovering aerial disciplines during a week or two.

You comit to follow theses classes of your choice from monday to friday. You can register to one or more classes a day knoing that you’ll follow this class all week.

The L.R.D.A. PASS include class of stretching and classes of warm up.






Choose your level :

It’s important to chosse your level of practise:

Beginner: concerning a public who wants to discover a practise in amateur.

The beginners / inter classes are accessible to people who already have a practice, but who wish to review the basics and move quietly on the apparatus.

Intermediate: For people who has already practise these aerial technique and want to improve.

The inter / advanced classes are set up for people who are already familiar with the equipment taught, but who also wish to resume the basics.

Advenced classes : for people with a regular practise. The internship welcomes professionals, this classes can be of hight levels. This is indeed a classe based on technical work and an acquiring figures.

Creative lab : Toward every person of a level intermediate to advances willing to work on research and creativity on apparatus. It will not be a place in learning techniques. It’s essential fo students choosing this workshop to have sufficient technical baggage and vocabulary to propose during the improvisations.


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