Laura Stokes

LAURA STOKES is a zealous movement researcher, educator and performer. Always fascinated by the notion of embodied experience, she has spent the better part of her life studying, developing, and synthesizing a wide range of seemingly disparate movement disciplines from gymnastics to esoteric presenting practices. Oregon born, New Mexico tethered, and Berlin based, she is an avid contact improviser, ecstatic aerialist and

bizarrely present performer. Laura works with circus virtuosity, somatic awareness and the most basic emotion to create work that examines how we inhabit the physical space of our lives through our bodies. She is the cofounder and director of The Ricochet Project with her partner Cohdi Harrell. Together as Ricochet, they have created a unique brand of circus theatre that has drawn international attention and praise for their experimentation and innovation and been hailed as vital to the growth of contemporary circus.