Nadege Le Corre

Multidisciplinary host in Circus Arts and with BPJEPS diploma (Professional Certificate of Youth, Education and Sports), Nadège has specialized in aerial fabrics after having met Fred Deb’ in 2012. She interneves regurlarly with her in various projects and with different audiences: primary and secondary schools, amateur company.

In order to develop and enhance her practice, she participated in numerous courses and met different performers. This is how she discovered aerial cocoon which became her field of predilection and that she teaches now.

Aerial cocoon looks like aerial fabrics but uses a hanging hammock which allows you to feel free of effects of gravity and to evolve in the air without body weight.

She divides her practice and her teaching in two distinct viewing angles:

  • aerial cocoon: learning technical and artistic figures as choreographic sequences.

  • aerial yoga: sequences of exercises and poses inspired of yoga, Pilates, fitness and dance. The class proposes a time of relaxation or meditation within or over the cocoon.