Rope Masterclass

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This masterclass is for students who want to improve his technic, who is already professional, or who want to become professional.

Pedagogic goals

  • Acquisition of a technical vocabulary on vertical rope
  • Learning aerial straps of technical figures to adapt them on the ropes
  • Acquisition of research tools based on the exploration of the floor/ air space generated by the mixing of aerial fabric techniques with contact improvisation dance techniques
  • Acquisition of tools to find a breathing of the body in the air space as well as a form of rich and varied expression.

The workshop

July 23 to 27, 7h/day at the gymnase Fogel. 35h a week.

9.00-12.00 Warm up + rope with Will Davis
14.00-15.30 Straps with Camille Judic
16.00-18.30 Research with Brandy Leary

A sharing of the research work of the master class will take place on Friday evening after the last class, the time and place of this presentation will be confirmed soon. It is important for all student to be a part of the presentation.


  • Will Davis
  • Camille Judic
  • Brandy Leary

3 international teachers for a complete aerial training.


Rope with Will Davis

The master class will be focus on control, dynamic movement and roll up technique. As well as creative transitions and fluidity of movement.

Straps course with Camille Judic

In addition of being a specific discipline, straps can also be a great physical preparation for other aerial disciplines. Indeed, they provide you a really good physical condition and help you to understand your body and positions in space. All the things that will be seen in the class will help you on the tissu or the rope.

Research with Brandy Leary

The new developments in rope technique over the past decade have radically pushed the form in manifold directions offering artists multiple aesthetics for creation.  No matter what tradition you are working from; minimal, classic or acrobatic, this class offers an opportunity to dig deeply into your practice, examining and experimenting with endurance, meaning making, conceptualization and vulnerable physicality.

Price and registration

Limited 12 students,

If you want to book the master class, send an e-mail to this address :,

Teachers and organizers will discuss together about each registration, students need to have a level to participated to the master class.

Price : 500€

We’ll do a sharing at the end of the master class, Friday after 6,30PM, location and time will be communicated later.

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