Rope masterclass
From July 26 to 30

This fabric masterclass will be taught in English and French by internationally renowned teachers: Camille Judic et Fynn Jamin


Program :
From Monday 26 to Friday 30 July included, a 30 hours pedagogic training of the discipline, from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm, which meane 6 hours per day of intensive practice.
An end of masterclass prsentation is planned on Friday 23rd at 6pm at La Volière, the participation of the students is strongly recommanded as the public presentation is an inclusive part of the training.

9h – 12h : Rope –  » Higher Level Rope Essentials » – Fynn Neb

In this Master class I will be sharing the stepping stones of dynamic technique, c-shaping/rolling technique as well as placement for advanced elements.
We will be working to unlock the beginning of our journey to a full comprehension of rope technique, including a personal training planning to further progress after the masterclass.

My goal with this masterclass is to complement the on going practice of advanced and professional rope practicioners.

Admitting practitioners should be capable to invert on long arms and feel at ease with a straight hang on two hands.

To get a glimpse on my work i invite you to have a look at the following videos:

Interview JdL:

Technical teaser:

Registration of my Exit:

Lunch break


14h – 17h – Straps – Camille Judic

Since few years, aerial straps became really important for rope artists. Indeed, straps help to improve the physical condition, to understand some positions and to work on some specific tricks. The loops of the straps let the rope student being able to focus just on the informations given to his body and not thinking about his grip. Once the exercices/tricks are achieved in the straps, the next step will be to achieve them on the rope ! During the classes, we will work mainly on conditioning exercices, positions, tricks which are useful for the rope.
Throughout the afternoon workshops we will reflect on the creation of a choreography that will be presented to the public on Friday at 6pm.

For who?
This master class is for intermediate and advanced students who want to focus for a week on fabrics.

Price :

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