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3 teachers will teach rope this year at Rencontres: Annika Frodi-Lundgren (Sweden), Ray Cardoze (Curacao) and Will Davis (UK)

Rope beginner with Annika Frodi-Lundgren

Learn the different ways to climb, roll up and go down! Learn to move with the rope. We will use a vocabulary common to aerial fabric and also specific movements to the rope. We’ll do a mix of uphills, then suspension and slow slips using the body shape to control speed and faster drops.

Rope partening with Annika Frodi-Lundgren

In this course, we will work with ways to move up and down the rope, exchanging the roles of carriers / voltigeurs, as well as static positions with a base (a carrier) and a clearly identified voltor. We will also explore figures from the ground (carrier on the ground, fielder on the rope). Given the time and interest, we can also explore duets, spin and create new materials.

Rope advanced / intermediate with Ray Cardoze

In this course it will be a question of working static and dynamic elements on the rope, that the bases are installed the elements dynamic dynamics techniques such as tendrils, saltos, boards …. as well as the connections between these different elements.

Rope advanced/ intermediate with Will Davis

In these classes it will be a question of reviewing or learning different climbs on the smooth strings, the coils, the boards, the rolling boards and the dynamic movements, the dangling, as well as the transitions and the fluidity of the movement.

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