The courses are followed from Monday to Friday, we register for the same course on the week, which allows a significant progression of each and an understanding of the technique and the artistic universe of the teacher.

Be careful: We remind you that this year the classes will be held in two different gymnasiums see gymnasium plan

  • Gymnasium at Heinlex: Fixe trapeze / Hoop / Cocoon / Aerial Yoga / Pole Dance / Aerial Fabrics / Multi Apparatus / Straps / Clowdswing
  • Gymnasium at La Bouletterie: Rope / Aerial Dance Harness / Dance Trapeze

. the warm-up from 9am to 9h45, unlimited places, all levels

These classses allow students to take the time to complete a warm-up at the beginning of the day, they are taught by a professional and then allow to arrive in the courses the body prepared for physical exercise.

. the 1h30 apparatus class, limited to 12 students the teachers consider that the students arrive already warmed in the class, if you do not take part in the morning warm-up, you must take a time personally to prepare you physically before classes. Before choosing your class, we recommend that you read the taecher’s description, in order to learn about the prerequisites.

If you are an aerial novice student, it is better to contact us before to choose your classes, some disciplines are only for people who already have an aerial practice.

Beginner level / intermediate

You practice another discipline regularly, and you want to discover a new apparatus, these classes are for you. You know the apparatus from few months already or you practice it occasionally, and want to deepen it, this level is also for you.

intermediate level for people who already have good physical condition and regular practice.

inter / advanced level for people who want to deepen a technique, who regularly practice the apparatus from several years, some are professional. lab the emphasis is on research and creativity, but a sufficient level of physical activity and training is required to participate, as these classees tend to go beyond technique and use it for artistic explorations.

. stretching from 18 to 19h, any level they allow to end the day smoothly and release the body and tensions accumulated as a result of physical training.

. Aerial yoga has a limited number of places.