Aerial Straps – Camille Judic

(classes in French and English)

Different aspects of aerial straps will be addressed during the classes. We will first work on some preparation exercices and shoulder stability exercices. Then we will work on basic techniques, tricks and some variations of them. All the work on the straps will be specific about Camille’s work and her vision of straps ; that means rigor in the work, using flexibility, power, in order to develop everybody’s specificities in the straps.

Beginners / Intermediates

The class will be adapted to the level of everybody. Nevertheless, all the people who want to be part of this class need to have a good physical condition or currently practicing another aerial discipline.

Intermediates / Advanced

This class is made for all the people who are currently training straps and want to improve, consolidate what they have or discover new possibilities and vision of straps. Some conditioning, specific positions, unusual ways of doing certain techniques will make the students discover straps differently.