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Fred Deb’

Fred Deb'A Taste for Excellence

A graduate of the Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC) in 1992, Fred Deb’ is a forerunner of french contemporary circus in aerial disciplines.

Since her professional beginnings with Les Arts Sauts, she has led a demanding career, reflecting her taste for excellence, and testifying to her desire to continually push the boundaries of one discipline of which she is a founding explorer – aerial fabric.

 An internationally renowned artist

Fred’s talents have been seen worldwide in diverse and prestigious events:
– Closing Gala organized by France at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (2008),
– A solo to Schubert’s 8th Symphony conducted by Michael Christie at the final concert of the Colorado Music Festival in Boulder (July 2005),
– world tour (New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Paris, Milan…) for the product launch of the Tambour watch for Louis Vuitton (winter 2002).

Fred Deb’ is an aerial choreographer. Her creations are unique visual events which bring together her technical and artistic ability and vast experience.

Her artistic vision integrates different arts forms with which she has worked since the beginning of her career :
– contemporary dance : she collaborated with Ron Bunzl (choreographer, visual artist, and videographer) for two years in Amsterdam. In France, she has worked with Nathalie Publier, Frédéric Lescure;
– theatre : she has worked on projects mixing circus and theatre with Véronique Bellegarde (Paris) and Maaike van Langen (Amsterdam);
– music : singular musical events at Notre-Dame-des-Champs à Paris (the show « les sonates des Mystères du Rosaire ») and the Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-l’Epine (the original performance of « Motets virtuoses et voltige aérienne »).

She has also posed for painters Nicholas Stedman and Philippe Deutsch as a part of their respective research on the body in movement.

Now, Fred focuses on the creation and promotion of works performed by her company, and on the continuing development of the Rencontres de danse aérienne.

 Fred Deb’ presents two examples of her aerial choreography : « Motets virtuoses et voltige aérienne » (2002), and Schubert’s 8th Symphony at  the Colorado Music Festival (2005).

Jacques Bertrand – technical director


Jacques BertrandJacques Bertrand is a skilled, multi-talented artist.

Following his career as a dancer (jazz: compagnie A.M.Porras, ballet: «Parade» at the Théâtre du Châtelet, contemporary: Olympic Games in Albertville, TV shows: Patrick Sébastien, Michel Drucker, Jean-Pierre Foucault…), Jacques decided to invest his knowledge in the aerial arts: at first in trapeze and rope, and then in aerial fabric.   He performed in the show «C’est tellement joli» by S.Joly at tje Mogador, in «Sakountala» by M.C. Pietragalla, and in numerous corporate events around the world: Paris, Tokyo, Marrakech, San Francisco, Beyrouth, Punta Cana, Boulder, Nassau, Dubaï, Pékin, Amsterdam, Genève, Monaco, Istanbul, Zurich …for well-known brands: Absolut Vanilla, Hugo Boss, Renault, EDF, Bio Mérieux…

Jacques Bertrand has also trained and worked as a technical director, lighting designer and stage manager. He has built sets and designed lighting for works of theatre, circus, street performance and music concerts.  He designed and created the set as well as the lighting for the contemporary circus show « Intérieur nuit », produced and performed by J.B. André. He created the lighting for the show « Leçons de séduction », directed by A.M. Goulet, a Concert Lorrain production, presented at the baroque music festival in Pontoise, at the Arsenal de Metz. He designed and installed the lighting for « Rameau : la couleur du son », directed by D. Boinnard, on tour in many baroque music festivals. He built the set and was the stage manager for « Cloud tectonics », a contemporary theatre performance directed by V. Bellegarde, presented at the Ferme du buisson and at the Scène Nationale de Forbach. He designed and created the lighting for « Motets virtuoses et voltige aérienne », with the soprano Christina Maria Rembeck, Fred Deb’ of Drapés Aériens company, and the Académie Sainte Cécile, performing works by G.F. Händel & A. Vivaldi, at the Basilica Notre Dame de l’Epine.

He also participated in the editing of the handbook which brings together all of the professional regulations regarding design and creation of aerial apparatus published by Hors Les Murs.

He met Fred Deb’ in 2002 and went on to participate in all of the projects and works of Drapés Aériens as an artist, scenographer and technician. He teaches aerial fabric technique alongside Fred Deb’ around the world.


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