Our philosophy

A not-to be missed event that brings together excellence and evolution.

Every summer since its creation, the Aerial Dance Encounters have offered to the French and foreign public artistic meetings around aerial and circus disciplines, directed by internationally renowned teachers.

An event dedicated to learning and discovering Contemporary Circus and Aerial Dance.

Aerial dance is an art form performed by one or more people suspended in the air using equipment such as a rope, aerial fabric, a harness, or a trapeze.

Aerial dance has found a growing popularity worldwide and can be expressed in many forms : weightless dancing, vertical ballets on walls, under cranes, choreography suspended from and under any new objet. Aerial dance is now a part of French artistic heritage. It has its foundations there, representatives of excellence in performance and a loyal audience of fans, curious about all forms of expression. Begun in July 2009, the Encounters are the artistic event of the summer.

A complete pedagogical and cultural concept

The Encounters offer 3 weeks of intensive classes relating to aerial disciplines every year. These meetings take place in the summer at the M.J.C. Saint-Exupéry in La Baule, at the gymnasium Atlatique in Le Pouliguen and at the theatre Jean Bart in Saint-Nazaire (44), Pays de la Loire, France, which are partners of this project.

The goal of Les Rencontres is to offer a diverse range of courses to those passionate about aerial work, taught by high-caliber instructors in a comfortable environment. Our experienced and knowledgeable teachers offer quality professional instruction in classes such as aerial fabric, trapeze, and hoop.

In order to complete the physical and artistic abilities of the students, physical preparation for aerial work such as warm-ups and stretching are emphasized in the program.

Additionally, each year the Association invites internationally recognized artists and companies to participate in the performances held during the Encounters. Such participation guarantees quality performances offered to the local audience to permit them to discover these aerial disciplines and means of expression. The teachers present their work in these performances, as well as certain students (see link ♦ “Performances”). The young regular students of the MJC of La Baule and neighboring circus schools are invited to the opening performances and to present their work.

The diversity of the students participating in the Encounters creates a unique, positive learning environment. The momentum created by the exchange of information by students of varied levels of experience creates a friendly dynamic which motivates all to continue to grow as artists.

Learning to work with your body respectfully

Aerial practice requires the body to work very intensively. This is why we offer physical preparation as a part of the program every morning: classes to awaken and gradually prepare your muscles for the work they will do throughout the day. Classes in flexibility and stretching are offered in the evening in part to temper inevitable soreness.

The goal of these events is to train, to introduce, to share with and to bring together talented artists from different levels of experience and different backgrounds in the hopes of creating a vibrant artistic exchange, thus promoting the continuing development of aerial dance.

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