Trapeze Masterclass
July 22nd to 26th

Be careful: We remind you that this year the classes will be held in two different gymnasiums see gymnasium plan

  • Gymnasium at Heinlex: Fixe trapeze / Hoop / Cocoon / Aerial Yoga / Pole Dance / Aerial Fabrics / Multi Apparatus / Straps / Clowdswing
  • Gymnasium at La Bouletterie: Rope / Aerial Dance Harness / Dance Trapeze

This master class is for intermediate and advanced students who want to be focus for a week on rope. (35h of formation + a public show at the end of the week).

Teached by international recognized teachers : Lydia Morgan/ Melusine Lavinet / Brandy Leary

A public show will take place in a park at the end of the master class, Friday at 6pm, we encouraged the students to participated to this experience as a strong part of the knowledge.

Rope master class students will join rope master class students to share Brandy’s research workshop from 4pm to 6pm, students will create together the Friday night public presentation that will take place in the park in front of the Gymnasium at 6pm

9:00am-12:00: Dance TrapezeLydia Morgan

This class is for students that have an existing confident trapeze practice, one to two years of aerial experience, and meet certain requirements (clean inversions, meathooks, single knee hangs and skin the cats). We will learn a variety of phrases in the space between the floor and the bar, rolls and momentum base moves on the bar, standing on the bar and twisting on the ropes, and drops. We will explore a variety of spins in different heights as well as orbits. We will put a sequence together every day with skills learn throughout the day.

1:45pm-3:45pm: Fixe TrapezeMelusine Lavinet

This class will focus on the technic of static trapeze and the possibilities that this object gives with the precious help of the breath and the attention.
In particular on balances in different ways: on feet, hands, shoulders, knees… on suspension, transfers of weight, and on dynamics: exits, swings, drops… I will share some vocabulary that everybody will be able to appropriate or deconstruct to make it his own. During the master class we will also try to link elements together and explore different qualities of movement.

04:00-06:00 pm – Research – Brandy Leary

Complex Minimalism, Altered Time and Impossible Tasks

This class focuses on conceptual and embodied explorations of the aerial body.   Examining notions of duration, presence and improvisation this week-long lab offers artists an opportunity to dive deeper into their creative processes, to move away from habit and to refresh their artistic practice from the perspective of creation and meaning making in aerial work.  Offering a deep space of experimentation and working from a multidisciplinary approach to the performing body we will spend the week in the air, on the ground and in various site-specific locations around Saint Nazaire.
Note: this class is not about accumulating new vocabulary but celebrates evolving and deepening creation/performance skills to further broaden aesthetics and experimentation in the field.  It asks artists to bring physical skill and individual virtuosity evenly matched with personal rawness and vulnerability.  It ends in a public sharing outside from the trees in the park.