Dynamic fixed trapeze for beginner with Iser Torijano

During this class, we will take up basic positions, as how do you feel your body in this different space offered by the trapeze frame and its 3 levels. A mainly technical approach to working with static and dynamic figures (balances, minor falls, rolled up and boards…), with spirals and the way to appropriate and to live them.

Fixed trapeze intermediate/advanced with Iser Torijano

The work will be focused on learning dynamic figures on fixed trapeze: falls, escapes, leavings, swings, rolls…how to electrify this static apparatus.

Beginner/Intermediate Dance Trapeze with Lydia Morgan

This class is for anyone who has been training on any aerial apparatus at least two hours per week for the last six months or equivalent. We will learn strength and flexibility drills specifically designed for Dance Trapeze. Every day we will learn vocabulary including finding ways to approach your apparatus, skills and tricks under the bar, mounts, balances on the bar, paths to standing, twists on the ropes, and building blocks for drops, linking it all through smooth transitions. We will explore a variety of spins, slides, orbits, and flights. We will reserve a few minutes at the end of each session to dance it all out and work throughout the week to build a routine with your own style.

Intermediate/Advanced Dance Trapeze with Lydia Morgan

This class is for students that have an existing confident trapeze practice, one to two years of aerial experience, and meet certain requirements (clean inversions, meathooks, single knee hangs and skin the cats). We will learn a variety of phrases in the space between the floor and the bar, rolls and momentum base moves on the bar, standing on the bar and twisting on the ropes, and drops. We will explore a variety of spins in different heights as well as orbits. We will put a sequence together every day with skills learn throughout the day.

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