Dynamic fixed trapeze for beginner with Iser Torijano

During this class, we will take up basic positions, as how do you feel your body in this different space offered by the trapeze frame and its 3 levels. A mainly technical approach to working with static and dynamic figures (balances, minor falls, rolled up and boards…), with spirals and the way to appropriate and to live them.

Fixed trapeze for middle to advanced level with Mélusine Lavinet and Iser Torijano

The work will be focused on learning dynamic figures on fixed trapeze: falls, escapes, leavings, swings, rolls…how to electrify this static apparatus.

Trapeze dance with Lydia Morgan

In this workshop we will be twisting and tangling ourselves in the ropes. We will be working through figures moving all around the bar and the interior cords just like a spritely squirrel , and then follow our instincts to find our own postions and sequences. We’ll learn artistic floor mouvements to get to and from the ground to the bar. We will learn many acrobatic figures, twirling, balancing, experiencing many ‘scary’ thrills being high up.

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