Vanessa Le Prince












Vanessa Leprince started dancing with Nadine Husson in 1986 at the STUDIO 1 dance school. In 1994, she left Saint-Nazaire to follow her training at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris. She obtained her Diploma – Contemporary Dance option in 1998.

She began her professional career with Valérie Rivière then collaborated with many choreographers like Hervé Maigret, Gilles Schamber, Cie Gianni Joseph, Régis Obadia, Cyrill Davy, Charles Cré-Ange, Olivier Dubois …

In parallel with her career as an interpreter, she co-directs the association Labo in Saint-Nazaire with Nadine Husson from 2004 to 2013 where many projects will be carried out around choreographic creation and diffusion for amateur and professional dancers. Shiatsu practitioner, she connects this practice to that of a dancer and teacher and creates “The Little Room”, a real space for experimentation, observation, and research at the service of creativity and self-knowledge. Today, while continuing her work of interpreter, choreographer and teacher, she multiplies the meetings to enrich her career and open to new experiences

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