Anaïs started the circus at the age of reason. She joined the École des enfants du spectacle where she shared classes, circus practice (fixed trapeze, hoop, corde lisse), dance and gymnastics. Admitted to the preparatory class of the National School of Roisny s/bois, she then joined the National Circus School of Brussels with a specialty in swinging trapeze.  In 2015, she will also obtain the Certificate of Management in Circus Art from the Faculty of Motor Sciences of Louvain la Neuve…


On paths sometimes at the antipodes, Anaïs will engage in various projects: several roles in street theater, an acrobatico-burlesque show “Tombe & Chante”, a duet of U-shaped fabric carrying, several projects with Clowns without Borders including one in Afghanistan, early childhood workshops in Thailand, books on motor skills and creativity in toddlers, the direction of the circus school You-ki in Ile d’Yeu for 20 years and lately the creation of Cirque Babel, an artistic and educational laboratory around circus arts. 

In 2021, Anaïs also created her first solo “Re-Mue”, a one-woman show on the fixed trapeze that explores the public’s expectations and preconceived ideas about trapeze artists.  


For more than 20 years, Anaïs has been constantly balancing between the pedagogical and the artistic. She can be found flying through the air, creating a cabaret, directing or performing for others, inventing workshops in day care centers, designing educational materials, leading professional training sessions or flying off for international projects, etc. Passionate, her artistic career sparkles with experiences that finally have only one horizon: the meeting of genres and audiences, with a constant artistic leitmotiv: to deconstruct the “artistic beauty” and the prestige of the feat to give back to the aerial a more human dimension to leave again, all its place to emotions and sensations.

Anais Veigant

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